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2012-10-15 09:44 pm
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What Are You Watching?

The fall TV season is here bringing not only returning favorites but a whole new crop of shows just begging to be adored (or heckled, I'm easy). My returning shows include Haven, Doctor Who, Scandal, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, Vampire Diaries, Nikita, and Supernatural. Although, since Cablevision is of the Devil I have not seen any of the new season of SPN. I have alternate ways of seeing VD, Nikita, and the other new CW shows, but SPN not so much. Did I mention how much I hate Cablevision?
New shows include Revolution (I don't care if it's the cleanest apocalypse ever, love it), Arrow, Beauty And The Beast, and Copper (Which is pretty much the opposite of Revolution being the dirtiest show on TV).
On the bubble is 666 Park Avenue.  I'm trying to connect to it since I loved Devil's Advocate and in theory this show has all the things I love. But so far I'm just not feeling it.
Already canceled is Mob Doctor because there's machoism and then there's straight up suicide by bad TV. Guess which side of the equation Mob Doctor falls on. 
So tell me what are you watching?